Couple water drafting in river near Eagle Mountain House


Lake flows by the hotel near Eagle Mountain House & Golf Club

Saco River - Kayaking & Canoeing

Known for its sandy beaches and crystal clear water, the Saco River provides a lifetime of memories. The Saco River averages 3 feet deep with some small rapids, lots of beaches and rope swings. Canoe, Kayak and Tube rentals available.


A waterfall near Eagle Mountain House & Golf Club

Waterfall Adventures

Waterfalls provide a spectacular show during their spring run-offs, cool us down with mists during summer’s heat, reflect brilliant colors of our autumn leaves and create some of the most remarkable sculptures of snow and ice in winter. New Hampshire’s White Mountains have over 100 inviting waterfalls waiting to entertain you. Our own famous Jackson Falls runs alongside Cater Notch Road.